What is Zoombido?

Zoombido is inspired by Bogota’s famous Ciclovía - where the streets are blocked off and people skate and cycle to various performance stages along the route. 

In our ZoomBido, held in beautiful Gamboa, participants are invited to visit a variety of Discovery Points by walking, jogging, cycling, scootering or even rollerblading.

Locations of ‘Discovery Points’ will be printed on a small map given to each participant. Discovery Points will be where fun, hands-on activities are staged for families to enjoy together.

As a host of a Discovery Point, ZoomBido will give you the chance to interact with new customers, sell and advertise your business, and help develop the educational community in Panama.

How do I host a Discovery Point?

If you or someone you know is interested in hosting a Discovery Point with a game, activity, etc. and reciprocal advertising we’d love to hear about it! Please write to info@gamboaschool.org to find out more. The deadline for committing to a Discovery Point is April 8.

What is provided for me to support my Discovery Point?

  • GDS provides advertising for the event on social media and in print within Ciudad de Panamá and reverted areas of Ciudad de Panamá.
  • GDS will provide you with a dedicated shady location, though you may wish to bring additional shade structures.
  • Guidance to your Discovery Point between 7:30 am and 8:30am on the day of the event.

What do I need to do as a Discovery Point Sponsor?

  • You will need to provide all materials to make your hands on activity happen and run smoothly.
  • You will need to provide your own tables, chairs, shade tent or other furniture you require to make your Discovery Point comfortable for yourself.
  • If you wish to sell additional services or products aside from the free activity, then that is permissible and those goods or services you should bring with appropriate display armature.
  • Bring your business cards, flyers and promotional material – it’s a great way to promote your business.
  • You agree to display 1 Zoombido advertising poster prominently in your shop (if you have one)
  • You agree to share Zoombido advertising on your social media accounts.
  • You agree to arrive between 7:30 and 8:30 am on May 6 in order to set up.

I have a service or Business I would like to advertise by hosting a Discovery Point but I dont have an idea for a hands on activity!

GDS can help you brainstorm. Write to info@gamboaschool.org

Can I sell items at my Discovery Point?

YES. As long as you offer a free hands-on activity, you may sell items at your Discovery Point. 

You may sell memberships to your club, merchandise, food etc. As long as it’s family friendly please do!

A Discovery Point is a great way to advertise your business so be sure to brig fliers, business cards etc. so people can follow up with you.

How do Discovery Points tie into the raffle?

Participants will carry with them a small map/ passport. When they visit your Discovery Point, you will mark their attendance on the card. At the end of the event, people who visit at least 7 of the Discovery Points will be eligible for the raffle. 

Do I have to Contribute Something to the Raffle?

No, contributing an item or service to the raffle is completely discretionary. However, it would be greatly appreciated and it’s another great way to have your business highlighted at the event!

Gamboa Discovery School is offering a 50% discount to one family’s commitment fee.