Academic year 2016-2017


The Guayabera

Our uniform shirts borrow from Caribbean culture with the comfortable, light, fresh and hard-wearing Guayaberas.

These shirts were traditionally worn by peasants of the Caribbean islands and, according to folklore, were used to carry guava fruits in their four front pockets, giving them their name. Nowadays the Guayavera has replaced the suit and tie as the semi-formal dress in the new world tropics.

Mr. Alberto Pons, the maker of the finest Guayaberas in Panama, introduced the shirt to the isthmus where it now is a mainstay of Panama culture. The Pons family supplies Guayaberas to the GDS.

Ordering the Guayabera uniform

Please follow the steps below to ensure that your child gets their shirts in time for the next academic year.

Step 1
Find the right size for your child
Size options are 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12. Our experience is that these sizes correspond well with child ages. Thus, for a normal-size 7 or 8 year old, the Size 8 shirts will serve them well. 
If you prefer to check the sizes, go to one of the shops below and try a Guayavera for your child

  • No Me Olvides: Esquina Calle 4ta y Avenida A.Casco Viejo. Panama City. Tel: 211-1209
  • Guayaveras a la Medida: Albrook Mall # 1 Local S-1 (Pasillo de la Jirafa). Tel: 302-7691
  • Panabrisas Corona: Calle primera Sur (Avenida Luis G. Fábrega), entre Vía Brasil y Vía Porras (frente a PriceSmart), Bella Vista, Panamá, República de Panamá. Tel: 263-5100

Step 2
To order your shirts with the GDS logo please complete the form here. Shirts costs $28 each

Step 3
Upon receipt of this form the school will send you an invoice. Please pay GDS no later than 30th of June, 2017. The school will order the sewing of your uniforms.

Step 5
Guayavera uniforms will be ready for families to pick up from the school on the first day of term.

A clean Guayabera with GDS logo is mandatory uniform each day except on Physical Education days.

Step 6

Contact admissions for trying on and purchase of physical education t-shirts. The cost of our GDS logo t-shirt is $20. 

Shorts, skirts, trousers

Please purchase any plain Khaki shorts, skirts or trousers. The choice of which is left to you and your child’s preference


Students can wear any type of shoes but closed-toed shoes are preferred. Flip flops are not allowed. Socks are optional.

Physical Education Uniform

The physical education uniform is a plain white t-shirt, any sport short and sport shoes. Without sport shoes pupils will not be allowed to attend the class.


If you have any questions contact