María Isabel González Principal


My aim as Principal at the Gamboa Discovery School is to motivate all members of the school to provide an environment where every child receives a safe, loving, and engaging atmosphere in which he or she can grow emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially.

I strongly believe that children must be given opportunities to enjoy the pleasures of acquiring new knowledge through observation, experimentation and analysis. On a broader level, I anchor my pedagogy in the principle that successful learning depends on effective communication between parents, teachers and children. If we work together as a strong family and community, our pupils will become active citizens who will do their best for themselves and their surroundings. With the right setting, children will feel genuinely inspired and empowered by the strong and supportive team we, as adults, can provide.

Danielle Newby Lead teacher and Chagres Room teacher

It is my belief that learning should be child directed and pupils should have opportunities to develop their creativity and thinking skills in an environment that nurtures their holistic development, both as a thinker and learner. Gamboa Discovery school offers these opportunities for children in this unique and beautiful setting. My teaching experiences began in England 9 years ago, where I studied the British Curriculum and specialised in the Early Years and Development of Children. These skills of teaching and learning within the British Curriculum can be transferred to GDS in order to create a classroom environment where children love to learn. My experiences of working in different settings has allowed me to develop my teaching pedagogy so that my classroom cultivates creativity, passion and is inclusive for all. 

Andrea Miller Madden Room Teacher

To educate and inspire others is to transform and enhance the world.  I believe that by educating students to be conscious of our actions, inspiring them to care, and providing them with the tools to make enhancements to their surroundings, we empower them.

It is my mission to incite passion and awareness within my students, and to help shape them into the stewards of tomorrow. At the Gamboa Discovery School we are working towards equipping all of our students with the needed capabilities to become empowered and conscious global citizens.

It is our duty to bestow upon future generations the wisdom and foresight to learn from our shortcomings and the aptitude to advance well beyond even our greatest achievements thus far.

Stephen House Gatun Room Teacher


Vicmar Flores Yoga Teacher


Utilizo el yoga como herramienta de auto-conocimiento, balance y conexion contigo y con los demas. Profesorado en Ashtanga Yoga, Yoga Shala y en Yoga para niños por Rainbow Kids Yoga. "Creo fielmente en vivir la vida plenamente, expresarnos, ser auténticos y vivir en paz. La vida es un lienzo, somo creadores, y autores de nuestra vida.

Bredio Mendieta Art Teacher

When in art class kids are given the magical opportunity to express themselves freely about anything that is happening in their lives. In art class, beautiful things can happen. 

I believe that to become an excellent artist we must observe through the eyes of a child. My art class is arranged so as to develop creativity and techniques and reveal pure artistic abilities in each student who has them naturally or mature them in those who learns them through each piece of new work.

Nilka Malek Spanish Teacher

La escritura y la lectura, sigue siendo un aprendizaje básico para todo ser humano. Enseñar al niño a leer, escribir y comprender el mundo que le rodea es un gran logro que siemprenos llena desatisfacción.

El método Montessori insiste en que “el aprendizaje de la lector-escritura es un proceso continuo que tiene lugar en paralelo con el desarrollo cerebral”. Por eso  vamos acompañándole motivándole a entrar a su ritmo a este mundo.

Validando cada paso que da, dentro del aula será un juego de letras y frases, le acercaran a las fabulas y los cuentos.  Desarrollando su creatividad y a la vez adquiriendo valores, cada vez más competencias para la vida.

Hugo Medina Physical Education Teacher