María Isabel González Principal


My aim as Principal at the Gamboa Discovery School is to motivate all members of the school to provide an environment where every child receives a safe, loving, and engaging atmosphere in which he or she can grow emotionally, intellectually, physically, and socially.

I strongly believe that children must be given opportunities to enjoy the pleasures of acquiring new knowledge through observation, experimentation and analysis. On a broader level, I anchor my pedagogy in the principle that successful learning depends on effective communication between parents, teachers and children. If we work together as a strong family and community, our pupils will become active citizens who will do their best for themselves and their surroundings. With the right setting, children will feel genuinely inspired and empowered by the strong and supportive team we, as adults, can provide.

Danielle Newby Lead Teacher and Madden Room Teacher

It is my belief that learning should be child directed and pupils should have opportunities to develop their creativity and thinking skills in an environment that nurtures their holistic development, both as a thinker and learner. Gamboa Discovery school offers these opportunities for children in this unique and beautiful setting. My teaching experiences began in England 9 years ago, where I studied the British Curriculum and specialised in the Early Years and Development of Children. These skills of teaching and learning within the British Curriculum can be transferred to GDS in order to create a classroom environment where children love to learn. My experiences of working in different settings has allowed me to develop my teaching pedagogy so that my classroom cultivates creativity, passion and is inclusive for all. 

Andrea Miller Gatun Room Teacher


To educate and inspire others is to transform and enhance the world.  I believe that by educating students to be conscious of our actions, inspiring them to care, and providing them with the tools to make enhancements to their surroundings, we empower them.

It is my mission to incite passion and awareness within my students, and to help shape them into the stewards of tomorrow. At the Gamboa Discovery School we are working towards equipping all of our students with the needed capabilities to become empowered and conscious global citizens.

It is our duty to bestow upon future generations the wisdom and foresight to learn from our shortcomings and the aptitude to advance well beyond even our greatest achievements thus far.

Elena Guillén Chagres Room Teacher


My name is Elena Guillén and I am originally from Watsonville, California.  I have a BA in Liberal Studies from San Francisco State University with a Minor in Spanish.  I also have a BCLAD Credential from San Francisco State for teaching bilingual classes grades K-8.  I am an animal lover who loves uploading insect pictures to my iNaturalist app.  I enjoy traveling, trying new foods and learning with my students.  I feel very lucky to be a teacher here at Gamboa Discovery School.

Suel Alvarado Yoga Teacher

Suel Alvarado Yoga.jpg

I was born in Panama and I have been studying yoga since 2010 and since then I have experimented with ways of peace and happiness found in every person I have taught. I enjoy being part of Yoga Teacher Training programs many times per year. I am known for my powerful practice, intuitive understanding of the body and my creative, and engaging teaching style.

I am also a Pilates instructor, a trx suspension trainer, an aerial yoga and Pilates instructor, and a certified yoga instructor for children. “The attraction that one finds in yoga makes me wonder if there is a mystery hidden behind it, if there is a language of movement which could be learned. The answer is that the language of the body is the language of the soul. It is our inner language, the natural language of life."

Sandra Pettersson Stolk Art Teacher


I am a palaeobiologist metamorphosed into a graphic designer/artist. I love teaching and I have been doing it since I was a student myself (a while ago). We human beings are in possession of the ultimate learning machine: our brain. But the brain is as powerful as it is lazy, so for a brain to be creative, it has to be pushed a bit, challenged, taken out of its comfortable status quo.

My goal as an art teacher is to ignite my pupils' creative process, to encourage them to trust their creative power (we all have it within us!), to be confident that each and everyone of us is capable of innovating. To push them sometimes to find the not-so-obvious approach.

Throughout this creative journey the kids will learn about art history, practice their fine motor skills, explore new materials and techniques and develop their creative potential. But most importantly, we will have fun while our brains make new connections!


Greta Verónica Motta Díaz Spanish and Social Studies Teacher


Nací en Venezuela y vine a vivir a Panamá hace 7 años y junto a mi esposo he formado una familia. Actualmente tenemos dos niños, Marcelo de 4 años y Martín de 1 año.
Soy Profesora y tengo una Especialidad en Educación Especial y Dificultades de Aprendizaje y me encanta lo que hago. He enseñado Matemáticas y español por varios años y tenido la dicha de trabajar siempre con niños. Considero que la enseñanza es uno de los trabajos más enriquecedores que pueden existir.
Lo más importante en mi vida es mi familia, me encantan los perros y mi lugar favorito es la playa.   

Alejandro Guerra  Music Teacher

As a music teacher my main goal is to guide students in the development of their musical abilities including: sight, memory, voice, muscles and most importantly their creativity in very interactive classes.



The constant search for meaning and inspiration in sounds and nature as well as the discipline and dedication that requires learning the different skills of music are quite important for my classes. Along with the rest of the GDS team, projects including theater, music and poetry recitals will be done.


Learning is an exciting and fun journey that never ends and certainly must be enjoyed and not seeing only as an obligation or duty. The more we encourage our children to explore their creativity and to feel free to express themselves as multi talented people, the more chances they will have to be confident to discover new and interesting ways to communicate their feelings and ideas to the world.

Harold Henry PE Teacher


I was born in the city of Panama and  I had the privilege of growing up in the Gamboa community. As a child I showed a particular interest in sports and I was fortunate enough to be able to develop my skills in the green spaces and sports fields of Gamboa. In 2007 was introduced to Ultimate Frisbee and since then I have dedicated a great part of my life to teaching and promoting this sport.

I had great teachers from whom I learned the importance of dedication, patience and discipline. Among my hobbies are photography, being close to nature and animals. But if there is one thing that I really enjoy doing it is teaching. Teaching children makes me feel productive and blessed.