Set within the heart of the Panama rainforest and alongside the Panama Canal, the Gamboa Discovery School takes advantage of unique natural, scientific and cultural assets to deliver a comprehensive and unforgettable education. Our core mission elements are:

Scientific Inquiry
Use experimentation to understand the nature, processes and methods of science. Imbue foundational concepts by exciting the child’s natural discovery

Cultivate and forge enduring connections between teachers, families and the community

Use play to build confidence, inspire creativity, and explore personal limits

Develop critical thinking, encourage mature communication and instill collaboration as fundamental tools for the child’s long life ahead

Guide students towards being transformational leaders who are able to empower others by imbuing responsibility

Foster respect and compassion for all living things, cultures and personalities. Challenge prejudice and honor values


Our Vision 

Reflecting back on their education we want our pupils to remember a time of outstanding education, personal and social discovery and irreplaceable formative experiences, all within the uniqueness of Gamboa

Our Core Values

  • We are adventurous, open-minded and we make learning fun
  • We cherish compassion and promote a high trust culture
  • We are a family and look after each other
  • We value personal and shared accountability
  • We embrace and bring about positive change
  • We strive for pro-activity, innovation, and transparency in everything we do

Critical Success Factors

The Gamboa Discovery School will

  1. Establish an exemplary model for exceptional academic and personal development
  2. Promote the development of its staff with openness and stability
  3. Grow ethically and with environmental care
  4. Respect, understand and contribute to local culture, history and surrounds

 Educational philosophy

A well-rounded education is essential. It has to be challenging, comprehensive and engaging to be wholly effective. We believe learning starts within the GDS explorer who is supported by the community, his/her family and the GDS teachers who act as facilitators, counselors and resources.

The Gamboa Discovery School aims to create an academic environment that supports the needs of students and their families. At the heart of the school’s foundations is the knowledge that each child acquires knowledge about the world in different ways, and in turn excels in myriad forms. The GDS will prepare children for the future by building upon each child’s strengths so that they are prepared to contribute wholly to community and society.

After extensive educational research and the use of the Gibb’s Model for Learning, we have designed a model for student learning for GDS students. Children will explore six areas of learning through the British Curriculum. This model encourages children to explore, make decisions and take charge of their own learning. Within this setting we aim to provide a unique program in an environment that is conducive to learning through discovery and supporting one’s inter and intra personal wellness. 

In a small-range multiage class, the students are taught and assessed according to developmental stages, rather than age or grade designation. Multiage teachers focus instruction on students’ learning needs rather than on grade-level curriculum. Students, therefore, have the advantage of continuous learning.

Children of different ages have the opportunity to get to know one another in the safe environment of their classroom; they are encouraged to develop open, trusting interactions with each other. Older children often become 'mentors' to younger children. In a nurturing learning environment such as multiage, competition is not imposed. Challenges are offered for students to choose when they feel ready

Student Learning Model

Our approach and Learning Model leads to the creation of a whole learner who is skilled in six core components:

  • Knowledge and Understanding
  • Cognitive Complexity
  • Personal Development
  • Moral Development
  • Social Responsibility (Global Engagement)
  • Transformational Leadership