Gamboa is surrounded by Soberania National park, the Chagres River and the Panama Canal. Monkeys, sloths, toucans, morpho butterflies and agoutis are regular visitors to our gardens. Howler monkeys harmonize with low rumbles and high pitched whistles of passing ships.

Part of understanding Gamboa today is saying a word about the past. Present day Gamboa was built in the early 1900’s and today retains most of its charming and functional original tropical architecture. There have been plans to make it a world heritage site because of its architectural importance. Before the USA turned over the Canal to Panama in 1999, Gamboa had a population over 3,000 with schools, a commissary, etc. supported by the US government. The town was populated by workers and families of the dredging division of the Panama Canal. More on the history here. In the early 2000s many houses stood empty and the population fell to 400 or so.

Today, Gamboa is undergoing a renaissance. We are diverse and nature loving population.