The Gamboa Discovery School provides academic, creative, physical and moral development for children 4-10 years old. 

We serve families in the historic village of Gamboa and the surrounding areas. A twenty minute bus service brings children from Clayton to Gamboa each day.

Sponsored families are those whose company covers their employee's school fees.

Tuition fees for academic year 2018-2019

Monthly tuition fee

Non-sponsored child: $605 / month
Corporate sponsored child: $1045 / month
Payment due before the 5th day of each month

Annual tuition fee

Non-sponsored child: $6655
Corporate sponsored child: $11,495
Payment due before the start of academic year

Non-sponsored families will receive a 5% discount if the full yearly tuition fee is paid in advance

Trimester tuition fee

Corporate sponsored families have the option to pay in three payments: May 15th, $3835; September 15th, $3830; February 15th, $3830.

Other costs

Matrícula (enrolment)

Corporate sponsored child: $550 a year per child each year.
Non-sponsored child: $350 a year per child each year.

Materials fee

Every trimester, each child pays a fee of $50 to cover educational sundries.

Commitment fee

Each family pays a one-time commitment fee of $750 during the admission process.

Entrance evaluation

The one-time entrance evaluation costs $50 per child.


Dues can be paid by cheque or bank transfer. Contact for further information on making payments