This is the page where normally you would find the school showing off their new gymnasium, their fancy electronic white boards, or how many iPads each child receives.

That's not the Gamboa Discovery School.


We take advantage of the incredibly rich educational environment available right on our doorstep.

We open the doors to find a natural laboratory in the rainforest. We learn under the cool shade of native tropical trees. We count the ships pass through the panama canal to learn about different countries and global trade. We build with local resources. We learn about different cultures from each other and the local diversity.

We climb trees and we get dirty. 

Yes, we are very lucky to have access to a swimming pool, a world-class tennis court and a gymnasium, and we are certainly not technophobes and strongly support the use of the school's computers in education. But GDS strongly believes in a rounded, grounded and wholesome education. 

Most importantly, our team are ingenious educators who know the value of conversation and interactions between people, who realise that communication in all its forms is how education works. And, we have an incredible resource of scientists, artists, musicians, constructors and business leaders in the community who bring richness to the school.

These things simply cannot be found inside four walls.